As a member of the WaterColor Tennis by Matchpoint Resorts team for almost 2 years, I can only think of one word, GROWTH. We are committed to the Homeowners and Guests of WaterColor and want everyone to have the best experience possible every time they visit our pro shop, walk on our courts or speak with one of our team members. We are constantly looking for ways to improve experiences, communicate through social media and face to face contact. New programs and offerings are always top of mind and reviewed monthly. The needs of our Homeowners and Guests are our top priority.
We look forward to growing with WaterColor and providing first class service for all at our outstanding facility.

Dee Dee Dahlberg

As homeowners, living here most of the year, and  avid tennis players, my wife and I are thrilled with MatchPoint. The current staff of pros is truly remarkable. MatchPoint has been adept managing the needs of local homeowners simultaneously exceeding the expectations of both guests and homeowners. This is not always easy and in fact at times may hinder the profitability of MatchPoint. Only a professional staff with a servant’s heart can perform in this manner. They are to be congratulated and valued not solely as a resource and vendor but as friends and family.

Specific improvements since MatchPoint arrival

  1. Improved court maintenance
  2. Improved staff and products in the Pro shop.
  3. Building an online reservation system for tennis and pickle ball
  4. Hiring pros with not only excellent teaching skills but also friendly attitudes….major change
  5. Maintaining and growing the women’s team


Additional pickle ball courts. Current use is overwhelming with demand far exceeding availability.  These could be located in various neighborhoods depending on land availability.  With increasing year round population, this would please homeowners and guests….and be profitable.

Terral King

We have been in Watercolor since 2010.  I started playing tennis about that time.  I have always enjoyed Watercolor’s tennis facility, but the experience has been so much better and more consistent since MatchPoint Resorts began managing the facility.  Shane is as good as they get and he has been able to oversee and manage others that have been fantastic as well.  There are many options from clinics, to lessons, to their help in arranging play with others.  I use the facilities regularly and it is a great part of my Watercolor experience.  I truly appreciate Shane and the others who work with him.

Jack Whitaker

When we bought a home in watercolor we bought it because of the time we would spend with our family on the beach. What we didn’t realize is that this would quickly change. Our time now after 1 year in watercolor is on the tennis and pickleball courts. This is also where we have met ALL of our friends. We rush to make sure we have our clinics booked prior to travel and that we tell our visitors to come with us as well. What a welcoming place for all levels to come and feel welcome and the energy behind this sport. We’ve met lifetime friends that we never would have if it wasn’t for match point tennis.

It’s sparked us to both bring this sport back home as well.

What I will say as well is the strategy that match point is teaching is the highest level I have seen in the industry.

The people, the ambience and the sport are KEY to growing tourism and current home owners coming back for more!

Brook Hardin

My husband Brad and I have owned a home in Watercolor for 12 years.  We are avid pickleball players and tennis players.   MatchPoint Resorts does an OUTSTANDING job managing the courts for both sports.  The reservation system is simple, but state of the art, the teaching pros are excellent, and the facility is very active and fun.

MatchPoint Resorts and Shane Johnson were a great fit for the Watercolor community.  I personally have several friends who rent in Watercolor because of the tennis club! Great job MatchPoint.

Melissa and Brad Beard

After being away from the area a couple years, I returned in 2019.  In 2020, I began working with Shane and Matchpoint resorts tennis.  The communication is amazing, and Shane is involved and WANTS to be involved in every aspect of the resort! I have received nothing but compliments from guests and homeowners in regards to how the tennis aspect of Watercolor is run.
The shop is always well stocked and the improvements to the courts and tennis facility grounds makes it feel more like resort style tennis!  Shane does not skimp…if something is needed, he gets it done!
Overall, my experience here at Matchpoint has been amazing! I love coming out to the courts to teach the past year and look forward to seeing everyone each day I come to the courts! Shane is meticulous! He takes pride in the condition of the courts and overall facility.  Recently, the courts were redone and Shane stayed persistent with getting the court company to come back out and make necessary improvements to the work they had done—it is typical for them to not be perfect after the first try but Shane stayed on them.
I couldn’t imagine working with another tennis resort company or director.  Shane is friendly and flexible; he is open to suggestions and stays very well organized.

Travis Tillman

Hi, my name is Alecia Machholz and I have worked with Shane Johnson and have been a part of MatchPoint Resorts for over 2 years. Though my time with MatchPoint has been just a sliver of my teaching experience over the past 13 years, it has been the most impactful and fulfilling. I have been a teaching pro as well as junior director, camp director, and pro shop coordinator at many different clubs around the country. My experience with MatchPoint Resorts at WaterColor Tennis has been truly unique. “Resort” tennis is much different than teaching in a city and I would much rather teach tennis at WaterColor than any other “established” club elsewhere. People come to WaterColor Tennis for the experience! We really get to have fun with our customers and make the experience all about them! We often get repeat customers because they had a blast and want to come back again! As a teaching pro at WaterColor Tennis I have had such an incredible opportunity to build countless relationships with people from all over the county and it keeps growing everyday. At every other club I have worked at there were definitely times I dreaded going to work. At WaterColor there is such a happy, positive vibe running through the club (from both the employees and customers) and I can honestly say I am excited to show up and get out on the courts with everyone! A huge reason MatchPoint Resorts and WaterColor Tennis are so successful and such a wonderful place to work is because of Shane Johnson. He is a wonderful boss and it is an absolute pleasure working with him. He is extremely detail oriented, open to new ideas, and easy going. He is a world class teaching pro and constantly working off the court to keep making MatchPoint Resorts the best tennis management company out there. He brings out the best in both his employees and customers and it is truly a pleasure working with Shane

Alecia Machholz

I am Drew Machholz and have been a part of the MatchPoint team since January 2019. I have had several roles while being with MatchPoint. I have been the Director of Tennis at WaterColor Tennis and a consultant running retreats out of Bear Lake. Currently, I am a pro at WaterColor Tennis. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the positions I have had with MatchPoint Resorts. In the past I have worked at several clubs around the country, most recently Life Time Athletic in Charlotte where I was the Tennis Manager for a 10 indoor and 10 outdoor court facility. My favorite thing about being a part of MatchPoint is our focus is on giving the best experience. Shane is always looking at new things for us to have or to implement at the club to make it even better. Whether it is a 3 year old or a 93 year old we want players on the court doing what is right for them and having fun. I have known Shane Johnson for over 10 years, going back to Dallas and working with his stepson on the tennis court with the Highland Park tennis academy. I enjoy working with Shane because he shows up ready to do what needs to be done and have fun while doing it! He has always been a good communicator to ensure that the team is on the same page and makes it easy to flow through the day. Shane has been a great mentor for me and I am thrilled we are now working in close proximity.

Drew Machholz

My name is Brian Veillette. I was brought in as the Head Tennis Professional at Watercolor Tennis by Matchpoint resorts in January of 2020 . I have been teaching at the club now for 3 years.

One of the unique things about teaching at Matchpoint is the nature of tennis instruction and   business being seasonal and tourist related. In any given year you may meet and teach thousands of different people who come week to week and come back each year to work with our pros.

I have been part of some fantastic clubs over my career. I plan to finish out my career at this club and the main reason is that I enjoy working with and for Shane Johnson owner and president of Matchpoint resorts. To me it’s very important to have leadership. It’s crucial that the leader has a presence and extremely strong work ethic. Someone who builds moral and teamwork. Shane defines those qualities and it shows in the organization and effort the staff puts out in support of Shane. He has improved our ability to be organized with a number of helpful apps to communicate with each other, our clients and book lessons with ease. We have access to the court sheets on an app that speeds up the process of getting players in spots as soon as possible. Last year was our best year yet. We have been nonstop busy since the reopening of our club post Covid. We have made changes that benefit our Homeowners and guests that I see they appreciate and support. We have a great coaching team who mixes really well with the office staff. I think people very much feel and appreciate our atmosphere and positivity at Matchpoint Resorts. It is a great representation of the leadership in Shane Johnson and the program he and we are working hard to develop. The feedback from everyone is that we truly care about the people. Simply a reflection of the leadership in Shane.

Lastly it feels so good to walk in and teach at such a World class facility. Great clay courts great Pickleball courts and bar none the prettiest facility in the area.
All the Best
Brian Veillette

Brian Veillette

I am Rick Richardson and my wife is Karen Richardson. We currently live at 6 Pine Lily Circle in Watercolor. First moved to Watercolor in 2010.
I wanted to write to point out just how pleased we are with our Tennis Facility Operation . Match point Resorts has been operating the courts for seemingly about 3 years.
In that time they have worked on a continual improving curve for our residents. We drove by this morning and every parking spot was filled and there were 5 electric carts parked on the front sidewalk (designated for electric cart parking). The pro shop is open all day every day of the week to serve homeowners and guests. The Pickleball courts stay slammed. Kudos to who suggested/allowed that Pickleball addition! Shane and his crew have a great fun / professional vibe for Watercolor and it’s guests.

Karen plays on the Watercolor Flight 1 tennis team. They are currently #4 out of 9 teams on the top flight in the NWFTL (I think is the acronym). I know they used to have two homeowners on the team but it has grown to 7 or 8 homeowners and there is talk of starting a flight 3 team with a nucleus of homeowners to get that started.

As I play in the morning clinics and talk to homeowners and guests I hear a lot of great comments about our facility and the operation of the facility.

Summary…This has been a wonderful three year stint in Watercolor Tennis. I have never seen courts busier and Homeowners and Guests happier. The positive comments have been continual. The staff acts like a happy family and I am super pleased to have it as my amenity. Great Job!! Please pass the Thanks to the appropriate recipients.
Sincerely, Rick Richardson

Rick Richardson