I began working with Watercolor under Tracy Townsend back in 2014. While it started off great, it ended horribly—the corruption, the threats, the treatment of homeowners, terrible communication, and the lack of involvement by Mr. Townsend ultimately led to me being forced to find something different amongst a whole other slew of life changes for me.
After being away from the area a couple years, I returned in 2019.  In 2020, I began working with Shane and Matchpoint resorts tennis.  Man, what a difference.  The homeowners are treated fairly, the communication is amazing, and Shane is involved and WANTS to be involved in every aspect of the resort! Things are done right.  Threats are NOT made and I actually feel appreciated here!  I have received nothing but compliments from guests and homeowners in regards to how the tennis aspect of Watercolor is run.  If an unjust criticism comes up, Shane is quick to rectify the problem and the guest or homeowner leaves happy and satisfied with the outcome.
The shop is always well stocked and the improvements to the courts and tennis facility grounds makes it feel more like resort style tennis!  Shane does not skimp…if something is needed, he gets it done!
Overall, my experience here at Matchpoint has been amazing! I love coming out to the courts to teach the past year and look forward to seeing everyone each day I come to the courts!  The mentality of the condition of the courts USED to be “they won’t know a difference if a line is raised or a dip here and there”.  However, Shane is meticulous! He takes pride in the condition of the courts and overall facility.  Recently, the courts were redone and Shane stayed persistent with getting the court company to come back out and make necessary improvements to the work they had done—it is typical for them to not be perfect after the first try but Shane stayed on them—whereas before they just said “unfortunately that’s what you get around here” and let it go.
I couldn’t imagine working with another tennis resort company or director.  Shane is friendly and flexible; he is open to suggestions and stays very well organized. Of all the places I have taught, this is by far my favorite due to all of the above.
Should you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me.