As homeowners, living here most of the year, and  avid tennis players, my wife and I are thrilled with MatchPoint. The current staff of pros is truly remarkable. MatchPoint has been adept managing the needs of local homeowners simultaneously exceeding the expectations of both guests and homeowners. This is not always easy and in fact at times may hinder the profitability of MatchPoint. Only a professional staff with a servant’s heart can perform in this manner. They are to be congratulated and valued not solely as a resource and vendor but as friends and family.

Specific improvements since MatchPoint arrival

  1. Improved court maintenance
  2. Improved staff and products in the Pro shop.
  3. Building an online reservation system for tennis and pickle ball
  4. Hiring pros with not only excellent teaching skills but also friendly attitudes….major change
  5. Maintaining and growing the women’s team


Additional pickle ball courts. Current use is overwhelming with demand far exceeding availability.  These could be located in various neighborhoods depending on land availability.  With increasing year round population, this would please homeowners and guests….and be profitable.