I am Rick Richardson and my wife is Karen Richardson. We currently live at 6 Pine Lily Circle in Watercolor. First moved to Watercolor in 2010.
I wanted to write to point out just how pleased we are with our Tennis Facility Operation . Match point Resorts has been operating the courts for seemingly about 3 years.
In that time they have worked on a continual improving curve for our residents. We drove by this morning and every parking spot was filled and there were 5 electric carts parked on the front sidewalk (designated for electric cart parking). The pro shop is open all day every day of the week to serve homeowners and guests. The Pickleball courts stay slammed. Kudos to who suggested/allowed that Pickleball addition! Shane and his crew have a great fun / professional vibe for Watercolor and it’s guests.

Karen plays on the Watercolor Flight 1 tennis team. They are currently #4 out of 9 teams on the top flight in the NWFTL (I think is the acronym). I know they used to have two homeowners on the team but it has grown to 7 or 8 homeowners and there is talk of starting a flight 3 team with a nucleus of homeowners to get that started.

As I play in the morning clinics and talk to homeowners and guests I hear a lot of great comments about our facility and the operation of the facility.

Summary…This has been a wonderful three year stint in Watercolor Tennis. I have never seen courts busier and Homeowners and Guests happier. The positive comments have been continual. The staff acts like a happy family and I am super pleased to have it as my amenity. Great Job!! Please pass the Thanks to the appropriate recipients.
Sincerely, Rick Richardson