I am Drew Machholz and have been a part of the MatchPoint team since January 2019. I have had several roles while being with MatchPoint. I have been the Director of Tennis at WaterColor Tennis and a consultant running retreats out of Bear Lake. Currently, I am a pro at WaterColor Tennis. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the positions I have had with MatchPoint Resorts. In the past I have worked at several clubs around the country, most recently Life Time Athletic in Charlotte where I was the Tennis Manager for a 10 indoor and 10 outdoor court facility. My favorite thing about being a part of MatchPoint is our focus is on giving the best experience. Shane is always looking at new things for us to have or to implement at the club to make it even better. Whether it is a 3 year old or a 93 year old we want players on the court doing what is right for them and having fun. I have known Shane Johnson for over 10 years, going back to Dallas and working with his stepson on the tennis court with the Highland Park tennis academy. I enjoy working with Shane because he shows up ready to do what needs to be done and have fun while doing it! He has always been a good communicator to ensure that the team is on the same page and makes it easy to flow through the day. Shane has been a great mentor for me and I am thrilled we are now working in close proximity.