When we bought a home in watercolor we bought it because of the time we would spend with our family on the beach. What we didn’t realize is that this would quickly change. Our time now after 1 year in watercolor is on the tennis and pickleball courts. This is also where we have met ALL of our friends. We rush to make sure we have our clinics booked prior to travel and that we tell our visitors to come with us as well. What a welcoming place for all levels to come and feel welcome and the energy behind this sport. We’ve met lifetime friends that we never would have if it wasn’t for match point tennis.

It’s sparked us to both bring this sport back home as well.

What I will say as well is the strategy that match point is teaching is the highest level I have seen in the industry.

The people, the ambience and the sport are KEY to growing tourism and current home owners coming back for more!