My name is Brian Veillette. I was brought in as the Head Tennis Professional at Watercolor Tennis by Matchpoint resorts in January of 2020 . I have been teaching at the club now for 3 years.

One of the unique things about teaching at Matchpoint is the nature of tennis instruction and   business being seasonal and tourist related. In any given year you may meet and teach thousands of different people who come week to week and come back each year to work with our pros.

I have been part of some fantastic clubs over my career. I plan to finish out my career at this club and the main reason is that I enjoy working with and for Shane Johnson owner and president of Matchpoint resorts. To me it’s very important to have leadership. It’s crucial that the leader has a presence and extremely strong work ethic. Someone who builds moral and teamwork. Shane defines those qualities and it shows in the organization and effort the staff puts out in support of Shane. He has improved our ability to be organized with a number of helpful apps to communicate with each other, our clients and book lessons with ease. We have access to the court sheets on an app that speeds up the process of getting players in spots as soon as possible. Last year was our best year yet. We have been nonstop busy since the reopening of our club post Covid. We have made changes that benefit our Homeowners and guests that I see they appreciate and support. We have a great coaching team who mixes really well with the office staff. I think people very much feel and appreciate our atmosphere and positivity at Matchpoint Resorts. It is a great representation of the leadership in Shane Johnson and the program he and we are working hard to develop. The feedback from everyone is that we truly care about the people. Simply a reflection of the leadership in Shane.

Lastly it feels so good to walk in and teach at such a World class facility. Great clay courts great Pickleball courts and bar none the prettiest facility in the area.
All the Best
Brian Veillette