Hi, my name is Alecia Machholz and I have worked with Shane Johnson and have been a part of MatchPoint Resorts for over 2 years. Though my time with MatchPoint has been just a sliver of my teaching experience over the past 13 years, it has been the most impactful and fulfilling. I have been a teaching pro as well as junior director, camp director, and pro shop coordinator at many different clubs around the country. My experience with MatchPoint Resorts at WaterColor Tennis has been truly unique. “Resort” tennis is much different than teaching in a city and I would much rather teach tennis at WaterColor than any other “established” club elsewhere. People come to WaterColor Tennis for the experience! We really get to have fun with our customers and make the experience all about them! We often get repeat customers because they had a blast and want to come back again! As a teaching pro at WaterColor Tennis I have had such an incredible opportunity to build countless relationships with people from all over the county and it keeps growing everyday. At every other club I have worked at there were definitely times I dreaded going to work. At WaterColor there is such a happy, positive vibe running through the club (from both the employees and customers) and I can honestly say I am excited to show up and get out on the courts with everyone! A huge reason MatchPoint Resorts and WaterColor Tennis are so successful and such a wonderful place to work is because of Shane Johnson. He is a wonderful boss and it is an absolute pleasure working with him. He is extremely detail oriented, open to new ideas, and easy going. He is a world class teaching pro and constantly working off the court to keep making MatchPoint Resorts the best tennis management company out there. He brings out the best in both his employees and customers and it is truly a pleasure working with Shane